Friday, 30 November 2012

a decent number of QSOs today, but conditions were very unstable with a lot of QSB.  very few of the QSOs were longer than a couple of minutes.  Sill, Iceland and the Azores as well as a wide spread of others.

S512IAPMC Slovenia
PA1WD Netherlands
TF6JZ Iceland
DK6KL Germany
CU3AN Azores
9A209A Croatia
IT9QQO Italy
UR5HRV Ukraine
DK9NM Germany
IW2BDH Italy
F8BMX France
US5LSC Ukraine
IW2NLM Italy
F4EZK France
CT1DDW Portugal
HB9W Switzerland
F4GIH France
DG9MGU Germany
DH0FAB Germany
OE5LHM Austria

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