Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ham radio contests.

are they a good thing or not?

well, if you are involved, then great, have your fun, I hope you enjoy yourself.

today was a contest on HF across the bands where each contestant had an extra serial number to give.  Anyone NOT playing (ie, ME) wasn't welcome to give a signal check, and I got told to clear off because I didn't have the magic serial number and so was no good.

we all have call signs for goodness sake!!  why do you need an extra serial number?

anyway, apart from those lot I've had a good couple of days, dropping to 40m as well, getting two contacts into Scotland and Portugal, as weoll as a bunch of others axross Europe.  The Netherlands were VERY strong this morning.

Today I worked Bulgaria, Portugal, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Jersey.

another eQSL today......

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