Friday, 9 November 2012

Funny old day today. 

K1RAW came in really early, far earlier than I would have expected......

then some Islands, EA8CNW on Las Palma in the canaries, F4FIB on Belle-ile-en-Mer in the Bay of Biscay
RK3DZF, a 10 year old operator in Moscow,  SK6RM, the Swedish radio museum, LY2BIS, my first Lithuanian station, 5N4EAM who now takes the record for distance at 3372 miles.

I was amazed at the spread of contacts.  Within about 15 minutes, I worked the Canaries, 1895 miles at 203 degrees; Sweden, 714 miles at 66 degrees; then Russia, 714 miles at 60 degrees. 

a real mixed bag where anything could happen.

and if that wasn't all nuts enough, an Italian station, IK1JUO recorded me and played it bak to show the quality of my transmission!  CRAZY!!!!

LY2BIS Lithuania
SM6IOD Sweden
DJ1TA Germany
DH3RD Germany
DL3BZ Germany
IK2iGS Italy
F4ETW France
DL1HA Germany
SP3EWP Poland
F1FIB France
EA8CNW Spain
SK6RM Sweden
RW1AI Russia
DL4FBW Germany
RK3DZF Russia
SP5ZBA Poland
RW3SK Russia
DM3KZN Germany
EM4IFF Ukraine
LA9VK Norway
LX3JR/M Luxembourg
SP3EWP Poland
IK1JUO Italy
5N4EAM Nigeria
IT9DOQ Italy

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