Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why is Ham radio great?

one of the reasons, is that every day is different.

yesterday, as dead as a dead thing.

only 3 QSOs after a whole day calling CQ.

IZ7YBG Italy
IS0BSR Sardinia
EA7AEQ Spain


only the morning and a world of difference.

F1VLZ France
F8DWH France
BD5ATP Germany
DH2KK Germany
YO8CHF Romania
DL2AZ Germany
LZ2LP Bulgaria
DL1WER Germany
PA4AE Netherlands
US0GR Ukraine
PD1ADK Netherlands
DU5UO Germany
DG4NEC Germany
DK3FB Germany
TF2MSN Iceland
IZ2PG Bulgaria

every QSO is good, but a new country is a little special, especially an Island.

a couple of days ago I heard a pile up on an Icelandic station where a million folks were trying to get through to him.  today, I called CQ and had an answer from TF2MSN. 

didn't recognize the prefix so I banged it into and was delighted to see it was an Icelandic station!

not only that, but.....

My Mrs and I are both teachers, and we see more people through a years work than most.  we see all sorts of names that folks have given their kids.  we've seen 'em all.  my kids go to school with Daniel Craig and Brad Pitts.

so, this Icelandic op, from the land of Vikings.......

was blessed with the MAGNIFICENT name of Odinn Thor.

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