Tuesday, 27 November 2012

another long chat with Horst DF1QA.  this is the FIFTH time we've chatted, and i mean chatted, not your contest "callsign 59 bye bye" rubbish!  two other contacts of interest, CU7CG in the Azores, and my first contact in Latvia, YL3ID

EA3AHH Spain
IZ3BJS Italy
DL1AZZ Germany
F4DZG France
LA8XH Norway
CU7CG Azores
DF1QA Germany
EA3YO Spain
DL0AGU Germany
LY1NDN Lithuania
DL1PV Germany
DC7AI Germany
DK2CC Germany
DK8QX Germany
OZ7IS Denmark
DL3PU Germany
DM2AOC Germany
OH5ZN Finland
YL3ID Latvia

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