Thursday, 8 November 2012

2 days, 52 20m QSOs. 

Notable contacts,

Kalliningrad, which is a little patch just beyond Poland, Cornwall, and the Balearic island of Menorca.

Also a repeat QSO with DF1QA in Germany.

DH3LA Germany
LA6PCA Norway
F7BBD France
DN2BM Germany
RA/DL6KV Kalliningrad
DL8KZ Germany
HB9TLF Switzerland
EA2AGB Spain
DJ6DO Germany
EA7/G1WUU Spain
IZ7DOK Italy
EA3EOM Spain
i2GYH Italy
DF5YA Germany
IZ5WNW Italy
HB9STJ Switzerland
SN2012UP Poland
IZ1LBE Italy
DK2RZ/M Germany
OK2PJT Czech Rep
RZ3AR Russia
EC3CMX Spain
IK5GUU Italy
DK1PP Germany
OK2TS Czech Rep
F8MRQ France
DL7PH Germany
DL5KVE Germany
UR5ELW Ukraine
IZ4SDC Italy
G4SEN/M UK Cornwall
LA7ZN Norway
DH6KM Germany
DF4JV Germany
DF1QA Germany
PL1DCL Netherlands
IZ3NUI Italy
PA0BUR Netherlands
DL4HG Germany
DK5EW Germany
EA6AIV Spain Menorca
DA2RV Germany
PE1HPN Netherlands
IV3VCS Italy
DK4WF Germany
DL7APT Germany
DG1ASY Germany
OE5VWM Austria
IZ1LBQ Italy
DK3GV/M Germany
SP4PBI Poland
DL6GD Germany
OH1WZ Finland

I HEARD a Canadian station but couldn't get a contact.

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