Monday, 19 November 2012

Not a record breaking day, but a load of  good QSOs around Europe.  I dropped down onto 40m for a while and had my CQ answered by MX0SSW which was a teacher in a school radio club.  it was approaching break time and he asked me would i mind staying around and talking to a few newly licenced m6 kids..... OF COURSE I would!  great kids and of course I filled an envelope with QSL cards to send off IMMEDIATELY!!

PD1RA Netherlands
DJ1ND Germany
DF1QA Germany
IZ8PNF Italy
CT1GTP Portugal
PA3ATD Netherlands
DC6FW Germany
PD1BM Netherlands
MX0SSW England
M6CWW England
M6LPN England
LA7RHA Norway
OZ6LN Denmark
DL9GUL Germany
DG8OP/M Germany
PD3TRU Netherlands
ON5GQ Belgium
F7BBD France
IK8TGH Italy
LY8BV Lithuania
IZ3TXM Italy
DL3MN Germany
IZ3XKU Italy

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