Friday, 23 November 2012

today's highpoint was a QSO with PD8SL.

this was my first QSO on HF with a female operator! 

as well as being a red letter day for me, it was also a red letter day for Carla, as this was her first ever HF QSO.  Poor wee pet sounded really nervous, not only speaking on the radio, but also in a foreign language.  Well done Carla!!

A bunch of other European QSOs as well......

PD8SL Netherlands
PC2EBE Netherlands
PA1FE Netherlands
OE5CNM Austria
EA7/G1WUU Spain
PA6N Netherlands
SA0ARJ Sweden
HB9ETH/M Switzerland
ON2FJ Belgium
F5TZY France
DL1WM Germany
LA3NO Norway
DL1EKH Germany
DL6DYL Germany
PD1JOL Netherlands
US5LSC Ukraine
IZ1XTG Italy
PD3E Netherlands
DM3KF Germany
DL1NKS Germany
PD1JKS Netherlands
PA3BRB Netherlands
DL8PW Germany
PA1JMN Netherlands
PD2HE Netherlands
DL0GEO Germany

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