Wednesday, 21 November 2012

a day of Netherlands QSOs with a few others thrown in!

notable stations were OP1V/M with his 1600 watt linear in the car.....
PI4C which is the CRASH 40-45 Air War and Resistance Museum in the Netherlands, operated by PA3BOH who I spoke to yesterday operating under his own call,  and DL0DPM which was Clubstation Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt.

RA6ABO Russia
F4GFT France
DL3LAH Germany
DL0DPM Germany
UR4MU Ukraine
PD4SRL Netherlands
PD0MGX Netherlands
PA3GHI Netherlands
SP6CRZ Poland
RD3N Russia
SM0EAD Sweden
OP1V/M Belgium
EA1BYQ Spain
PI4C Netherlands
PD4SAM Netherlands
IK5JXR Italy
OK3PJ Czech Rep
LA7DK Norway
PD1JKS Netherlands
LA4URA Norway
UR4EF Ukraine

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