Thursday, 1 November 2012

A great day on 20 metres today.

OK, there are experienced hams who would look at todays log and say "they're all in Europe" and "No DX" but I don't care!!

as well as a couple of others in previous days here's the latest HF contacts:

to the purists, the only DX contact is the CN3A in Morocco, but the Ukraine and Greece stations I spoke to last week were further away!

26/10/2012     CN3A Morocco
31/10/2012     OE6RLF Austria

    S57W Slovenia

    IS0RFX Sardinia
01/11/2012     YO8RGL Romania

    F4GVP France

    DL5DG Germany

    EA7BZ Spain

    PD3AWH Netherlands

    OZ3YT/m Denmark

    OH5ZZ Finland

    9A202AA Croatia

    SM7CRW Sweden

The Danish Station was mobile.  My first Mobile station on HF!
And as I said about QSLs being emailed, here's one of TODAYS contacts confirmed already!

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