Monday, 3 December 2012

good grief, it's December already!!

not a wonderful weekend on the radio as I spent some time with the family instead.  I know, I know, I should be more dedicated to the radio, but sometimes you just gotta do these things!!

there was a fair bit of rugby on the tv over the weekend too, so that meant a chance to spend time with my boys watching it..... and my eldest playing a match on Friday night.....


not a massive list of contacts, a few each on Sat & sun, 14 on Monday morning, then my XYL needed the computer to do some work, and as it's in the same room as the radio..... well, she gets priority.

here's the list.......

DL9ZBD Germany
DK5OH Germany
RN6MA Russia
UT6ER Ukraine
IK2VFR Italy
IK3XTY Italy
S58AB Slovenia
EA3AHH Spain
SP9IEK Poland
IK2DDK Italy
DF5YA Germany
F5VBU France
IV3EPO Italy
SP2WEG Poland
DJ1DG Germany
DK7SM Germany
I7IWN Italy
SM4AWF Sweden
OH1ECQ Finland
EA1MAM Spain

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