Thursday, 13 December 2012

an interesting couple of days on 20m.  I've been trying morse, a lot.

I'm still cheating on the receive, using CWGet as a backup to get stuff I don't copy, but I AM getting better, and I'm not totally "rabbit in the headlights" as much as I was......

so contacts of interest over the last two days?

well, JX9JKA this morning was a new one, Svein on Jan Mayen Islan, which I'd never heard of.  its a small island north of Iceland.  this radio lark really improves your geography!!

so, that was on SSB, as were a couple of others, but six of these QSOs were CW.

the last was low on the meter and the CWGet software couldn't deal with it, so I did that one completely unaided. I wasn't sure I had the call right...... VE..... really?

yup, my fist DX CW QSO into Halifax in Canada. and popping at #17 in the furthest distance charts.

and as if THAT wasn't enough, he eQSLed me straight away! Anthony, you're a gent!!

I4DVT Italy
DK8OHJ Germany
DL5ML Germany
SP7FRO Poland
DL6YRA Germany
S51ZZ Slovenia
JX9JKA Jan Mayan Island
S505SLG Slovenia
DL3APJ Germany
DL3MBB Germany
VE1ZA Canada

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