Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Only 3 QSOs today.  longest was 2243 miles to Russia.

I was calling CQ when I heard another station also calling CQ  just off the frequency I was on.  I tuned up to see who it was and it was a guy I'd heard before, EA9KD in Cueta, the tiny Spanish owned plot of land opposite Gibraltar.  within a minute there was a pile up of stations yelling out for him.  NIGHTMARE!!!  poor guy, no chance for a simple ragchew. 

Anyway, here's the 3 contacts I had today.

DC6KW Germany
CT2GEI Portugal
RA6HJA Russia

I've also installed another CW tutor program from  it LOOKS very impressive.....  not only morse, but simulated QRM, QSB, QRN, and all sorts of stuff.  I'll update you on my progress as it happens!

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