Wednesday, 19 December 2012

well, I'm improving.  I can get a fair bit of the received signal but the CWget is still a crutch in the background, but I'm slowly getting there.

the rest of my family are going nuts with the bleeping, so I've had to rig a bit of headphone jiggery pokery.  my old FT101B does have a headphone socket.  but my stereo headphones weren't switching off the internal speaker.  I tried a mono guitar lead and the speaker died...... so, I've made a cable that has a mono plug to stick into the rig.  then it splits, one cable to the headphones, one to the PC.

so the last few days it's all been CW work. all over Europe, into Russia, and a New York state contact too.

S52LB Slovenia
DL0AF Germany
DF5WBA Germany
DF7TH Germany
SP6LK Poland
S51WO Slovenia
DF8FU Germany
DL4FK Germany
DL6LBI Germany
G4OYC England
F6DIP France
DL1HTX Germany
UR5ZEP Ukraine
ON3ND Belgium
I1HLP Italy
IZ1CLB Italy
HB9DNB Switzerland
OK1AIT Czech Rep
OE6HAD Austria
DL2IAD Germany
R2ZAB Kaliningrad
UE10SK Russia
UA1APX Russia
DJ8EW Germany
DL5FAX Germany
DL0VK Germany
S57WO Slovenia
I1FLC Italy
DL6CZG Germany
IK3VUT Italy

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