Tuesday, 11 December 2012

not so many QSOs over the last few days, other things have got in the way.  but in the last two days I've had 7 QSOs.  and believe it or not, 6 of them have been cw!!  my sending is....... poor.

my receiving is worse.  I am using a morse decoder as backup, but QSOs are SOOOOO much harder than the tutor programs.  the stations send clearly, and I have to compliment them on thier patience with the idiot with the lousy code, but it's just so hard to get the dots and dashes to make sense!!  ah well, with time and practice I'll hopefully get better.

highlighted stations are CW

OK6DJ Czech Rep
IZ3NUJ Italy
IZ6BXV Italy
GI4BBE Northern Ireland
EA3AHH Spain
G3VSQ England
OK1AY Czech Rep
RA3BNM Russia
DL5NA Germany
HB9DEH Switzerland

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