Wednesday, 20 February 2013

tuesday and wednesday.... only 2 QSOs on Tuesday, but things picked up on Wednesday.

I heard a couple of US stations, but couldn't get back to them.  I heard UA5C on 80 m and couldn't answer him, but I got him later on 40.  AO1ICE I had QSOed on Monday on 20m, and repeated the contact on 40 this evening. and HB9FAI/P pops up yet again!

PF13ANT Netherlands
RA1QV Russia
HB9AZX Switzerland
YU15OTC Serbia
HB9FAI/P Switzerland
UA4LF Russia
IT9XUA Italy
YU7BPO Serbia
YU5D Serbia
ON5SE Belgium
DK2SC Germany
DF1IAQ Germany
OE7EHH Austria
UT4UH Ukraine
PA0ATG Netherlands
DL4ZBY Germany
F8BJK France
EU6KA Belarus
OK2LA Czech Rep
UA5C Russia
AO1ICE Spain

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