Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2 days and quite a few nice cw qsos. is it fair to single any out?

well, KT9T today is my first contact in Minesota, and at 3705 miles, is in at #4 on the distance charts!  seems like every week brings in another chart placement!

OK1AY Czech Rep
HA2AL Hungary
DJ1WW Germany
OM3LL Slovak rep
OZ2BAL Denmark
OE2013SLH Austria
EM70LL Ukraine
HA5FA Hungary
HA1KF Hungary
IW2NBW Italy
OK1ACO Czech Rep
OE2013J Austria
DF1KAG Germany
IK6CMH Italy
PF100ZOO Netherlands
EA7AWW Spain
OE5WLL Austria
DJ7AS Germany
DL7MA Germany
OK5JM Czech Rep
I2RTF Italy
LA8IG Norway
YO4BRD Romania
DL9LM Germany
RU3ZL Russia
F6GSI France
IK5DVT Italy
F6UIG France
I1QQC Italy
ES2NO Estonia
E72GF Bosnia & Herz
HA3HF Hungary
UZ3UV Ukraine

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