Thursday, 7 February 2013

learning CW

My morse is progressing.  I'm gradually getting better, but still a long way to go.

something I've noticed.

listening to slow morse takes a lot of concentration.

listening to morse where the letters are sent quickly, but with spaces is far easier than when the same numbers of letters were sent per minutes but just slowed down.

there is a station that i've QSOed a couple of times now and it's a total nightmare, because the sending is really slow.  THAT isn't the problem.  the problem is that the DAHs are a second long, and the DITs were 3/4 of a second. it was a nightmare to try to read.  a couple of weeks ago I had a QSO with anoher station that was sending at about 5 words a minute, widely spaced, sharp letters and it was a dream to read and I complimented that guy on his crisp, easy to read CW.

Ah well, enough rant for one day!

not a huge time on the radio today, so only a few HF QSOs:

F8CHT France
HB9JCI Switzerland
I1YRL Italy
RU3ZL Russia
S58MU Slovenia
DL2JKK Germany
SP2CQF Poland
DL3JFA Germany
DK3OZ Germany

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