Saturday, 2 February 2013

the parts for my next attempt at a 80m antenna arrived today.

4 slinky springs, and a drum of para cord to hold it up.

details to follow!

QRN on 80m is a nightmare.  nearly always 59 or higher.

so today I tried switching a few things off, and I discover that when I unplug the old PC that sits about half a metre from the FT101B, the QRN drops by two points.

further investigation needs to follow!

2 days worth of QSOs include my longest QSO on 80m using the long wire, (DK1WU) as well as a few others.  weekends are awful for those of us who aren't into contesting!

I8GMG Italy
G3XWD England
S51WO Slovenia
OK1AHV Czech Rep
YO2DFA Romania
OK1HCC Czech Rep
DJ7ER Germany
EA1PF Spain
DL3RMU Germany
UX1BZ Ukraine
LZ1QI Bulgaria
G3WMV England
DK1WU Germany
DL3KAS Germany
HB9FAI/P Switzerland
HA6NL Hungary
UX7U Ukraine

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