Monday, 11 February 2013

3 days of bits and pieces......

at 2399 miles, ra9ky looks a fair distance, but only #33 in my best ever list......

LZ3LD Bulgaria
OK1XGL Czech Rep
RA9KY Russia
EA1PF Spain
YT6T Serbia
EW8EW Belarus
RD3BV Russia
DL1OD Germany
YU1DW Serbia
YO6DMK Romania
UT1PO Ukraine
OH6MM Finland
F6BSQ France
YO2BBX Romania
IK2CGH Italy
HB9AQF Switzerland
HA2RQ Hungary
RA1TJ Russia

I've been working on a slinky spring antenna for 80m.  today I rigged it indoors with no balun.  QRN was 2 s points higher than the long wire outside....  not a clue if this is a good thing!  I'm not going to try mounting it up on the eves until I have a 1:1 balun to compare.  the torroid is ordered......  More details to follow.

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