Friday, 11 January 2013




really really tried

and made no progress at all.  couldn't get the SWR under 2.75:1.  Also it just didn't work.  on RX on both 20 & 40, it was a full 3 S points lower than the G5RV jr.  on a 20m QSO to mainland Europe I switched and again, a drop in performance.

absolute poo.

ah well, I'm prolly going to use the balun for a long wire.

time will tell.

as to activity, what with spending so much time up ladders and hurtling in and out to check SWR, I didn't get on the air much!

so the last 4 days I only got these...... all on 20 except the last one on 40m

 I also HEARD a station in Hawaii.......

 K3MD goes in at #7 in my all time distance charts

DL3KC Germany
UA2FR Russia
CT1BQH Portugal
DK6UY Germany
DL6FAX Germany
PA2THD Netherlands
SP4DNX Poland
Z320R Macedonia
IK8TEO Italy


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