Thursday, 24 January 2013

Changing the Caps in a FT101B

My 1974 Yaesu FT 101B

So we all know that the original caps die eventually and kill the rig.

so, I went to the FOX TANGO Candy store and bought their KAP KIT.

so this morning I attacked the beast and replaced the old ones with the new ones.

Now, some folks can read schematics like a native, but I'm not one of 'em. 

so while the Foxtango site has pics of which caps to replace, it doesn't show where to find them!!

so anyway, here's what I did to find them!

so, case off....

bottom view

 and that big metal plate needs to come off

then remove this little board on the left....

 and finally fox tango's pic becomes useful!!

 swapping the caps was about 15 mins work including dismantling and reassembling.

and here are the old ones.....

 so, are the new ones age proof or do I need to replace them after a couple of years again?

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