Tuesday, 29 January 2013

a fair few QSOs today.  some easy, some hard work.

Ironically one of the hardest to hear was the closest.  MI0GRG is only 30 odd miles away and he was really hard to pull out of the mush.

DN2UDX was sending slow morse, and his call is a training thing.... but his separation of dots & dashes made it really easy to copy, and I told him so.  compared to a station I QSOed yesterday who also sent slow, but blurry and SOOOOOOO hard to read!

another interesting one is DL4NCO .  He has arthritis in his hands so cant work a regular morse key.  he sends with a breath operated key which he invented himself.  very clever!

HA4GGM Hungary
EA2DPA Spain
MI0GRG Northern Ireland
DL1LBV Germany
OZ9XU Denmark
OK2KJU Czech Rep
HB9CCL Switzerland
UE70Q Russia
RW4WN Russia
I2XBO Italy
SM7CFF Sweden
DL9DBI Germany
LA6UG Norway
DJ3SM Germany
UA4UCW Russia
DL9LM Germany
YO3BBM Romania
S51NP Slovenia
DL2WX Germany
DN2UDX Germany
DL4NCO Germany
DL8DXW Germany

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