Friday, 25 January 2013

trying the FT101 post cap change....

well, beforehand there was no 160m, 80 has wall to wall QRN at s9 and the clarifier.... to match clarifier off, it needed to be about 2mins pas 12 o'clock.


no change on anything but the clarifier.  now it needs 2 mins TO 12!

so, as its easier to clarify in in SSB I called CQ for a radio check on 40m and GM3UCH came to the rescue, then I switched to 20m and cw.  first call was DL3DC, my first YL CW QSO

then later in the day I copied HA9RP, my first Hungarian QSO

all in all a good day!

DK2SZD Germany
HB9FAI/P Switzerland
DL2SWK Germany
GM0HKS Scotland
GM3UCH Scotland
DL3DC Germany
HA9RP Hungary
DL2RTU Germany
LY2KA Lithuania
DL9CM Germany
F5MDM France
SM5CAH Sweden

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