Monday, 7 January 2013

well, my good lady wife is studying for a Masters Degree.

Thursday is hand in day for her current unit, so she's been in the study with all her papers spread over every surface getting stuff done, for pretty much the last wek.

the problem for me and the radio is, that the radio is in the study, and obviously I'm not in using it while She Who Must Be Obeyed is working......

so only a few QSOs this week so far.

each good in it's own right, but todays QSO with ON4CKZ/LH was my first light house......

and I may be wrong, but I THINK that Z320G is my first female CW QSO.......  hard to tell from the voice, but the op name is Jane......

RA1TV Russia
IZ2RLO Italy
OH6OB Finland
CT3AS Madeira
DL4OCE Germany
F5MDM France
HB9CCL Switzerland
OM3LL Slovak rep
UA1HY Russia
EA2AJB Spain
12JIN Italy
ON4CKZ/LH Belgium
F8BBL France
IK6DIN Italy
DL1ASJ Germany
HB9CTO Switzerland
Z320G Macedonia   

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