Monday, 21 January 2013

haven't had a lot of time to play radio lately.  and when I've been on there hasn't been great conditions.....

so I'm afraid a full week's QSOs amount to.....

LY2PX Lithuania
RW1AM Russia
YU2NZ Serbia
I1QQC Italy
PD4JP Netherlands
F5NBX France
G0GKH England
DH6YAG Germany
HB9ANE Switzerland
F/HB8RC France
F5RJW France
DJOPM Germany
G0TAK England

Ah well.........

other news?

well, this morning when I called CQ I used this........

cost me £10.01 inc post........

then the postie arrived!!

this was listed on ebay as a MOD morse code reader.

therefore hardly any-one looked and even fewer bid!!

£14. (inc post)

compared to the ones I've found on line for £45.....

and it is SOOOOO smooth to use!

 it APPEARS to be a Larkspur Mk2, but if anyone wants to tell me I'm wrong, I'm open to correction!

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