Sunday, 13 January 2013

so, the windom is history, now replaced with a long wire. 

the balun is in the same place, about 7m up, then the wire runs roughly horizontal around the perimeter of the garden.  the other wire drops to the ground  where it is attached to the boom of an old TV antenna which I hammered into the flower bed.

the tuner brings the SWR to 1:1 and although I still have a lot of static, I've been using 80m for the first time. 

Saturday evening gave me two QSOs into Germany & Denmark,

Sunday afternoon gave me a few inter-G contacts.

80m is open and available!!

OK1AJZ Czech Rep
DF2DR Germany
IZ6YLT Italy
DL8UE Germany
OZ4UN Denmark
G3UJE England
GW3YDX Wales
G3UFY England

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