Saturday, 20 October 2012

today, those lovely peoiple from the Carrickfergus Amateur Radio Group ( CARG ) had thier annual rally.  I was in Lisburn with one of the kids for a football match early this morning and the GB3NI repeater was jumping with folks coming up to get it set up.

Well done all concerned.  As someone who has never been to one before I wasn't sure what to expect, but it looked well put together to me!

and the difference between a Carrick Ham Radio rally and the cast of Chuck?

well, fewer Asians and fewer stunningly beautiful blonde CIA agents, but PLENTY of  Jeffs!!

Lots of folks catching up with old pals, and a range of stalls.  the swapmeet stall had some good stuff, but some of the dealers were charging INSANE prices for some used gear.  OK, there was somewone to reach over the counter and take by the throat if anything went wrong, but used CBs that can be got on Evilbay for £25 inc post at £60?  really?

All I bought was a mike plug for the Piezo radio I bought last night. 

£15 for a 2m FM set, sadly no repeater tones as standard, but who knows........  I tried it last night with a home made J-Pole leaning against the wall, and a power supply culled from a dead PC.

SOMETHING wasn't right.....  There was a carrier going out but the one station who answered me said it was all white noise. confusing as mu Boafeng to an earpiece was fine.....  so when the adapter arrives form ebay land to allow me to connect the Baofeng to the J-pole, then I'll be able to check the antenna and work back from there......

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