Tuesday, 30 October 2012

 Latest Aquisition, a frequency counter and SWR meter.  The IDEA is to connect it up to the FT-101B to get an accurate idea of what frequency I'm actually on.  I THINK it needs to be connected via the phono port on the back rather than inline with the antenna (for the SWR meter)  Not sure yet as to WHERE to connect it to the back of the Yaesu.  There IS a RF OUT jack, which according to the manual is "Signal frequency output from the driver stage may be obtained at this jack for use of optional equipment, such as the FTV-650 6 meter transverter"

now, in a perfect world, that would mean buns a jack plug on the end of a phono cable and this will connect the two boxes nicely.

but for fear of doing damage, I'll get on the forums first!!

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