Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Freecycle/Freegle is a wonderful something you don't want any more?  too good to scrap, but couldn't be bothered to ebay it?

go to freecycle or freegle, put on a listing and some punter who fancies what you have will come and take it off you hands, saving you a trip to the dump, and saves a bit of landfill too.

individual areas have thier own groups so you don't get messages about someone 2000 miles away wanting to offload a single bed frame.

I've used our local freegle to clear out a load of stuff when we converted our garage into a living room, moved on kids bikes when they grew out of them, and I've benefitted from a few guitars and a banjo over the years.


our local freegle lets you post wanted ads.

so I posted something along the lines of "Wanted, any Ham or CB radio kit to get a new licencee on the air"

Time marched on and I had bought a few goodies when I got an email last night from GI1WYZ Bertie who said he had some goodies for me.

Wonderful thought I,, and off I headed thismorning to a few miles up the road where I met a very pleasant gent who only really uses radio these days for his RAYNET activities as a steward at motor racing.  he handed me a Boots poly bag and said "here y'go, hope its of some use"

and here's what it contained......

an ICOM ICB 1050 FM Cb radio which has been converted to 10m

a BOXED antenna matcher

a Low pass TVI filter

a CTE 30w linear amp

and a bit of coax with a PL259 on it.

Haven't tested any of it yet, but not a bad little haul! 

Thanks Bertie, You're a true gent.

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