Thursday, 18 October 2012

Many years ago I had a 4 element beam antenna for my CB radio.

it was HUGE!!!

now that I'm tinkering around on 2m, I fancy the idea of a mobile beam to take to the top of a local hill and reach the scottich repeaters

so, after a think......

I gather together some bits and bobs from B&Q.  all under £10......

I bought another tape measure and will be keeping the new one, and retiring this one.......

now, those lovely people at buxcomm have a yagi size calculator......

so, using that, I place the clips on the pipe and mark them

Some plans for the tape measure beam have a choke as a balun, so I thought, better safe.......

two holes, one all the way, one just one side

Coax in from end and out 1st hole

then 7 wraps and through the double hole to hold it all tight.

How easy was that?

now to support the two sides of the driven element, I'm using a bit off the end of the pipe with a notch cut in it

and held in place with a screw

the tape is SO easy to cut to size.  no saw needed, just fold it over and squeeze.  Seroiusly, no tools, just finger pressure!  so these two elements held in place with Jubilee clips

the other elements need holes for a screw.  I just poped them with a nail.....

and then put in a screw.  so here it is so far.  I still need to attach a hair pin matching element and a PL socket on the end of the feeder coax.  but so far, including the mug of tea and a scone, this is about 45 mins work. 

More to follow!

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