Friday, 8 March 2013

so the crystals arrived in the post from the very generous Jerry G4GGZ,  and it was the work of a few moments to lift out the 11m and 15m crystals and replaced them with two of the four that arrived.  the switch was a dawdle and took less time than opening up the rig.  the crystals are a hair off what they should be so I need to be careful not to drift out of the band, but I had 2 QSOs on 17m within a few minutes of tuning up the rig.

OK1KWCzech Rep

the long wire tuned up on 17 very easily with virtually no QRN and was a good 2 s-points louder than the G5RV jr, so my plans to possibly loose the long wire and put up a windom may be put on hold.

no contacts on 12 yet as it was a bit flat.  no doubt as the summer comes in the higher bands will open and there will be the chance to utilise the band a bit more.

so, QSOs since Wednesday,,,,

SM6PDS Sweden
HA2AL Hungary
HB9ATE Switzerland
DL7LHA Germany
OE5ARN Austria
OE5MZ Austria
DL9SCO Germany
OM4KW Slovak rep
DK8AH Germany
IC8POF Italy
OZ3NP Denmark
DL2NOM Germany
IK1QAD Italy
DL2JRS Germany
DL1SDX Germany
UA6GX Russia
VE2WU Canada QC
DL2SWW Germany
DL1NKS Germany
DL4AMM Germany
F6HZS France
DF2IAH Germany
ES6TZ Estonia
DL1VJL Germany
CN8GL Morocco
OK2SGY Czech Rep
DK3NR Germany
EA3CW Spain
DF4EW Germany
9A2AJ Croatia
OK1KW Czech Rep
LY2J Lithuania
HA7LW Hungary
I4CKC Italy
HA3MG Hungary

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