Thursday, 14 March 2013

a few QSOs today.  mainly greater europe.

well, except for JA7QVI that is.....

as usual, the real DX station called me, answering my CQ call.  very low in the background noise, all we could really exchange was callsigns, names and report, but that was plenty!!

todays QSOs.....

OH8MNM Finland
JA7QVI Japan
OK1AL Czech Rep
DL2JRS Germany
IT9FGH Italy
I4CKC Italy
HB9WG Switzerland
DK6UY Germany
DF2MR Germany
YT2ISM Serbia
F5PNM France
DL2SF Germany
DM2BQJ Germany
OK2PHQ Czech Rep
OK2BLD Czech Rep
CT1GTI Portugal
DL6UHA Germany

and the top 5 for distance

ZL2IBF New Zealand 11381
JA7QVI Japan 5729
N2PW USA AZ 4936
N9RV USA MT 4257
K1AY USA FL 4179

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