Tuesday, 19 March 2013


one QSO.  Apparently there was a solar flare of something which wiped any HF acion.

by this afternoon things were back to normal, and a nice wee afternoon was had!

a bunch of the usual European types, with a flash of excitement when I achieved two firsts.

6V7S is my first Senegal contact, and my first station worked split.

thankfully he was working only 1.5Kc up, so I tune the rig to his listening frequency by listening to other folks calling him, then swing the clarifier until I can hear him again.  two calls and he replies to me.  YAY!!

UA4AAC Russia
9A2YM Croatia
HA8IE Hungary
OE4UFB Austria
DL2DSD Germany
6V7S Senegal
DJ7AO Germany
DL5SVB Germany
HA4AA Hungary
DL6NBS Germany
YO5CDF Romania
EB1AB Spain
DL0FBG Germany
R2ZAB Kaliningrad
UX3HX Ukraine
UW1VA Ukraine
HA7MF Hungary
EA1MV Spain
OK2PBG Czech Rep
OK1MBZ Czech Rep
EA5BLP Spain
RD3ZW Russia

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