Tuesday, 28 May 2013

OK folks, the eagle eyed among you will have noticed the typo in the last post..... the Brazillian station was PP5EG, not GG.......

so anyway, Interesting DX since then?

EX20aruk  Kyrgyzstan
SX5KL Dodecanese Islands (Greece)
UN3M Kazakstan
WP5/W5CW Turks & Caicos Island
5B75FOC Cyprus
3a2MD Monaco
FM5FJ Martinique
4U1ITU  UN  Geneva
3v8bb Tunisia
4J6RO Azerbaijan
VP9FOC Bermuda
PJ6a Saba & St Eustacius
ZF1A Cayman
OHO/pa3ALK  Aland Island
JY5HX Jordan
CO2IR Cuba

which combined bring me over the magic century and my DXCC total now stands at a heady 102

thats 65 phone, 91 CW, and the band spacing is:


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