Sunday, 12 May 2013

An interesting weekend on the radio.

lots of ***FOC stations all over the show, celebration the First Operators club 75th anniversary.

One was Jersey, GH4FOC, which was a new DXCC,   other new DXCCs were ZB2FK, Gibraltar, T77C, San Marino, C31CT, Andorra, and A6/DL9WVM in UAE, so 5 new DXCCs in 24 hours... not bad!!

Bercause of contests I spend a bit of time on 17m with the long wire today.  quite a few contacts round europe, so that was nice, as I'm usually on 20.

High point of this evening?

Calling CQ on 20m and having GG5EP form Southern Brazil answering. 6219 miles looks good.  10,009km looks better!!

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