Wednesday, 10 April 2013

so, repeat readers well see a change.  I've joined clublog, so rather than having the big string of callsigns, you can how look at clublog for the info.  I'll still include the new countries, new states and the extreme long distance stuff, but no more big long lists, OK?

I've finally got the Philips PRM8010 into the car. 

there were bumps along the process.....

firstly there was a nasty burning rubber smell which I tracked down to the cigartette lighter plug that I was testing it with.

then there was a lot of alternator whine coming through, so I got a supressor (good old ebay!)

so now it's in the car, and I called for a radio check and a nice friendly bloke did that for me, and then GI6LCJ who sold me the radio came on to say I was making the trip to him too, which was nice of him.  just the speaker to mount securely, and I'm sorted.

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