Tuesday, 23 April 2013

So, I decide to move onto the Mk2 paddle, a touch keyer

I find this nice circuit recommended on a forum.

I nip into school and scrounge a handfull of transistors, and in half an hour I'm done.

soldering was simple, the cablecame from a dead set of headphones......

like this, with the soldering Iron still plugged in beside it, it worked fine.

so I wrapped all the wires to avoid shorts, switched off the soldering iron, fire up the glue gun to add some extra support where the screw eyes go through the lid of the pill box and test it again.

all good

one weird thing.  while actually applying the glue, with the glue gun in very close proximity to the pins, it triggers the electronic keyer......

anyway, assemble it into the pillbox and test again

still good.

switch off glue gun and put it away, and settle down to trying a few QSOs and.......


after a lot of tinkering and testing, I discover that it works really well when there are (electrically)  noisy kit operating, but not if there isn't.

My Salvaged PC power supply switched on and running on the desk?

all good

touch the case of the supply?


Ah well, at least i know it works (in the right circumstances!) and it's easily reversable so that if you like to send dits with your thumb, you hold it one way, dahs with the thumb, just flip it over.

and now to Mk3!!

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