Saturday, 15 June 2013

New rig day!

OK, it's new to ME, not new from the factory.....

a Yaesu FT 747GX

its a mobile rig so it needs an external power supply.  I STARTED with my atx supply salvaged from a PC.

According to the sticker on it, it's good for 15A.  Sadly the 747 needs 20A.  

When I first fired it up with the ATX, it was able to tx on cw and SSB but the report I was getting back were poor.  if the CW drive was past 9 oclock (about 25%) ot was distorted, and if the SSB mic gain was above the same.... guess what?  distortion again.

so rather than spend £100 of a scary big power supply, someone suggested a server supply..... allegedly good for 47A at 12v.......

next post will be a stand alont tutorial on that, but for now, it's all working well and I'm a very happy bunny!!

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