Saturday, 15 June 2013

Converting a HP DSP-600PB server power supply to run as a 12v 47A bench supply.

I've used several ATX supplies for radio use, but my latest aquisition of a Yaesu FT747GX needs over 20A.  more than the 15A  available from the ATX.

someone on the Hamradiodeals forum suggested a server supply, so a little googleing for info, and a glance at ebay got me a HP DSP-600PB for £13 delivered.......

there is no NEED to take the top off other than to remove the locking bar with the red knob shown at the top of this pic.

I used Futaba RC plugs to access the 12 pins.  I COULD have soldered direct, but this was going to be awful fiddly, and I had a box of random Futaba bits......

so far I only want 4 of the 12 pins.

numbering them like this.....


4 & 8 together lower the fan speed. 

6 & 10 together, and connected to the other two switch the whole thing on.

you COULD put a switch on there if you wanted.

I don't want one, so I just twisted those 4 wires together and soldered them

there are other things you can use the other pins for, so I'll keep those available, just not used now. 

connecting to the spades is a little akward so I made some pins by stripping back some insulation.....

then tinning it to make it rigid so I could push it in between the spades and then soldering it in place.

repeat for the other wire, plug it in and she's a go!

1st QSO was with OE1LZA, Laila, who gave me an all clear on audio.  6 more QSOs around Europe mean all is fine and dandy.

thanks due to:


for the info I used to make this happen.

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