Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Oh! it's been a while......

OK, since last post things have been busy with starting a new job and getting kids off to uni, so while I have been playing radio a bit, I haven't updated this blog in 2 years!

shame on me!

so why today all of a sudden?

new antenna time!

I was given a roll of 2mm diameter solid copper wire.  after pondering the possibility of a loop, and with the wisdom of the good folk over on www.hamradiodeals.co.uk I decided on a doublet.

apparently the length isn't vital, so while the two legs are the same length..... I don't know EXACTLY how long.  About 25m each. fed by approx 14m of 300 ohm twin line.  the feedpoint at the top of a fibreglass fishing pole, approx 11m up, at the north corner, then the two legs head off horizontally at 90 degrees, one for 15m before taking a right angle turn, the other about 17m then they head towards the same corner to be tied off.  Far from perfect. but it seems to work.

Using the trusty old KW E-ZEE match, I've got it tuned on 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 and 17m.

can't get close on 15m and haven't tried higher.

In the few days I've been trying it, I've worked all across Europe on 40 & 80m , Florida on 17m, Illinois on 20m, Niger (a first) Morocco and Madeira on 17m, Algeria, Malta, Cyprus and Ghana (another 1st) on 20m, Germany and San Marino on 30m, Spain on 60m.

I am VERY pleased!

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