Thursday, 19 December 2013

so, carrying on the same format as last month, the middle column is last months totals, the right is today's.

80m = 18 = 33
60m  =  3 = 4
40m  = 36 = 50
30m   = 7 = 21
20m  = 116 = 116
17m  = 55 = 55
15m = 26 = 40
12m=  44 = 51
10m=  53 = 69

total DXCC count at 134, and total slots (inc 2m & 70cm) 443

I've been concentrating on my less used bands, so avoiding 20 & 17m....

My US state count is creeping up too, with Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota & Wyoming still to get.

I've also got a new antenna.

a Carolina Windom CW80 Special.

it's an off centre fed dipole with a radiating vertical feed section so that it will tune to 80m even though it's only 66 ft long.  15m still a dead loss, and below 40m is all clogged up with QRM from Christmas lights (GRR!)

Its working well, even though i don't have it mounted in the best position, with the shorted leg coming down at 45 degrees along the eves of the house.  I INTEND to get it up horizontal when I get the chance......

new countries?

South Sudan

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